13944 Willard Road Suite B Chantilly, VA 20151 - Closed for Nap Time Daily: Noon - 2pm

About Dog Tales Daycare

Established in 2004, Dog Tales Daycare and Boarding began as Maddie & Ellie’s House, owned by Michele Melius and Melissa Marker. Their dogs, Maddie and Ellie, were the inspiration behind the original name of our dog daycare in Chantilly, VA. Both of our owners worked long hours at a local animal hospital together and were unable to take care of their beloved dogs during the day. They found out there was a nearby dog daycare and quickly took advantage of their services. The wheels began turning, and from that point, they decided it was something they could do, and it was needed in other locations.

Why the name change? The reason for changing the name was because Maddie & Ellie’s House was confusing people, and it really didn’t describe what we do. Sure, it was cute when you found out that Maddie and Ellie are dogs, but even after nine years, it still continued to perplex people. Rest assured, we are the same Maddie & Ellie’s House employees and company—just under a much more descriptive name.

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What Your Dog Can Expect at Dog Tales Daycare

Dog Tales Daycare and Boarding has access to a large grassy common area where dogs are frequently walked outside during the day for no extra charge. Besides outside walks, we offer a variety of additional services like canine massages, extra walks, baths, and nail trims.

More About Our Team

Our experienced and caring staff takes great pride in the excellent care we provide for your fuzzy family members. We are honored to be your dog’s home away from home!


Rob Rickenbach

Rob and Robyn Rickenbach started taking their new Goldendoodle pup, Bear, to Dog Tales in early 2012. By July 2016, Bear convinced them to buy Dog Tales because, as we all know, dogs actually run the house. Their goal as owners is to always have Dog Tales be the place that cares for every dog as deeply as they know Bear has always been cared for.

Sherrie LeTarde

Sherrie LeTarde is our general manager and has been working at Dog Tales Daycare and Boarding since June of 2018. She has lived in the Northern Virginia area her entire life. She has a four-year-old Shepherd/cattle dog/corgi mix named Abby that she adopted from a customer! She loves every dog she meets at Dog Tales Daycare just as much as she loves her own.

Jess Remington

This is Jess and her fur baby, a six-year-old Yorkie named Tanleigh. Jess has been working at Dog Tales Daycare and Boarding since November 2012. Even though Jess currently only has one dog of her own, she would love to adopt another one in the near future. Jess recently graduated from GMU with her BFA in art and visual technology, and she loves going hiking with her dog and painting in her free time.


Kimmie Brown

Kimmie Brown has been working at Dog Tales Daycare and Boarding since December 2021. She raised five hounds with her family before they moved away during covid. She now has two cats Lanky (the fat one) and Diva (the old lady). She will gladly chat with you about all seven, and hopes to get another dog in the near future.